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Enduro Gear Straps 2 pack


Be prepared for the hard stuff with the Swiss army knife of straps! These adjustable Straps have an endless array of uses from fixing broken gear, carrying things on your bike for longer rides and keeping things organized in your bag. These are essentially the ultimate alternative to zip ties, duct tape, nylon straps, and bungee cords. It’s all about keeping the ride going even when things go wrong. We want to see what you rig up with them, tag or DM your photos on instagram @trailboundco

—Extremely tough stretchy polyutrethane strap
—Regular: 20” length
—Long: 25" length
—3/4” wide
—Heat-treated aluminum buckle
—Secure, bundle, and repair almost anything outdoors
—Comes in package of 2 straps
—Sold in package of two

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