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Fender Hook


Versatile, strong and easy to install, these flat hook make for a great base to create your own strapping system. These hooks have a 3/4” flat to accept our Enduro Gear Straps or any type of webbing or strap material. The fit perfectly on the front fender but can also be used on your truck or van. The vinyl rubber coating protects any damage from scrapping and prevents slippage.

Fender Hook Details:
—High strength single piece flat metal
—Vinyl rubber coating to prevent scratching
—Round eye corners that avoid snagging
—3/4" wide hook and strap opening

Price is for one fender hook. You'll need two per strap.

Not recommended for rear fender use due to the tapered design of fenders there is a chance that they could slide right off the back. We recommend either notching out a section for the hook to rest into or drilling a hole though both hook and fender and adding a zip tie. No mods are needed for running on the front fender though.

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